About Us – Ultimate Florida Tours

Company owner Jonathan Rosen, 24, dedicates Ultimate Florida Tours to his father Rick Rosen, who past away in 2009 from a heart attack. He was also a business man who was very dedicated and hardworking, and he taught Jon the essentials of business. Jon is in the process of following his fathers footsteps in building his first business. His mission is to show the world that riding a Segway isn’t as hard as it may seem. Within the past 3 years, he has gotten over 5,000 people from tours and at events to master the Segway, starting at the age of 5 and going all the way to 92. His overall goal is to provide the best vacation experience for anyone looking for a different type of activity in South Florida.

He does many of the tours himself, and  loves the opportunity to meet each rider personally while teaching them about the Segway and showing them around town. He points out some of the biggest mansions and yachts in South Florida, and also hints to you where some celebrities might live. He also tells you some amazing facts about the Segway, along with it’s history.

Since he understands that most people just like to ride the Segway, riders can choose whether to make the tour more informative or laid back to just ride and have fun. Riders also have the option to try full speed training and zip around the upscale residential areas of Rio Vista. If you have any questions about tours, call (954)903-7049, or call Jon directly at (954)304-5746.

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