Birthday Party Ideas South Florida

Birthday Party Ideas South Florida

Birthday Party Ideas South Florida

Do you ever wonder how to throw a genuinely memorable, fun, unique birthday party for someone special in your life? If you’re in South Florida, consider this terrific idea: treat your loved one to a Segway tour or excursion. Riding a Segway is an experience in itself that people never forget.

A Segway Birthday Party

Taking a group excursion via Segway provides one of the most interesting and creative birthdayparty ideas South Florida. It’s extremely easy to learn, and since it reads body motion 100 times a second, it feels like an extension of your body! Although today many people have seen Segways in operation, the opportunity to actually use one remains a treat. Much like horseback riding, it’s a fun, one-of-a-kind sensation that everyone starting at 12 can enjoy. Don’t hesitate to bring grandma or grandpa along as this will be an extreme highlight for them!

You’ll feel like a celebrity when your group is cruising through the city in style on Segways. You can choose to take a tour near the beach, downtown, the “Riverwalk”, by mansions, or sightseeing at the top of the 17th St Causeway bridge! It’s a great opportunity to share quality time with one another. Build memories you’ll treasure as you explore lovely South Florida during a group Segway tour.

The Segway

Award-winning inventor Dean Kamen invented the gyroscopically powered Segway machine in 1999 as a way to enhance mobility. Segways do not require any fuel and operate strictly off the riders body motion. They get 25 miles fully charged, and riding one is addicting to many around the world.

The Segway supplies a fun form of transportation. It enables travel with hardly any physical exertion, so you’ll find yourself exploring sites in beautiful, sunny South Florida without growing tired or overheated in the process. Florida Statute 316.2068 allows Segways to ride in any 25 mph zone or less, also any sidewalk or bike path. Escape from crowded city traffic to tour Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton or Hollywood Beach in style on a Segway.

Fun Excursions

Ultimate Florida Tours enables you to reserve up to eight Segways for a private party or special event. If you want to take a unique birthday party excursion to a scenic location in South Florida, Segways offer one of the most convenient and fun ways to travel. We’ve even had people in their 90s take the tour who got “Mall Cop Certified”!

Don’t hesitate to partake in this exciting adventure. We provide free lessons to anyone who wants to make sure they can do it before fully committing. On a final note, renting a Segway provides one of the best birthday party ideas South Florida. Call (954)903-7049 or send an email to Hope to see you soon! 🙂