Are Segways Allowed on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk?

Are Segways Allowed on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk?

Before we answer this question, we want to tell you that technically it is called the “Broadwalk”, not the “Boardwalk”, which is a big misconception. It is a 2.5 mile, thirty foot wide brick paved sidewalk along the beach, lined with tons of ethnic restaurants, shops, parks, and a bike path. So from here on out, we will refer to this as the Broadwalk.

On December 18, 2013, you might have read or heard from a friend that the city of Hollywood, FL banned motorized vehicles from the Broadwalk, although the language of the new ordinance states the ban of all “non-human powered vehicles”, which wasn’t correctly described through many media channels. This means that Segways are excluded from the ban, along with handicapped wheelchairs. This ordinance did affect however electric bikes, electric trikkes, and electric scooters.

By law, Segways are classified as “Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices”, which under Florida Statute 316.2068 are aloud in any 25 mph speed zone or less, any sidewalk, or any bike path, with ease to pedestrians. With these laws and the new ordinance, Segway Tours on the Hollywood Broadwalk will continue to operate legally, and safely.

Here at Ultimate Florida Tours, we are all about safety. Not only is it mandatory for every rider to wear a helmet, but headset communication is provided so that the tour guide can conduct the tour in a more efficient and safe manner. Training is also conducted before starting a tour. First, we explain to you how the Segway works. For example, to move forward, you just put a little bit of weight on your toes with a little bit of a lean, and to stop you shift your weight back to your heels. Getting your hips back helps to stop on the spot. To turn, you just pull the handle bars right or left, and you can even turn in place, so going backwards is not necessary. We then get you on the Segway, one person at a time, and work with you for about five minutes to get you comfortable with moving forward, stopping, turning, and an emergency stop.

Then we start our tour, which runs by reservation seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Tours are available in Hollywood Beach and Boca Raton. Our Segway Tours in Hollywood Beach give you the option for thirty minutes, one hour, or two hours. Expect to see the entire Hollywood Broadwalk, the historic backstreets, the Intracoastal dock, and the beautiful Dania Beach Pier, with full speed riding optional at key areas (12.5 mph). Our Segway Tours in Boca Raton give you either one or two hours. Here, expect to ride down a wide sidewalk on A1A, view the multi-million dollar residential area, see the creeks of South Inlet Park, “Al Capone Island”, and the breath taking view of the inlet.

The reason why Segways are so entertaining is because they connect to your body, registering your motion and balance one hundred times every second, making it feel completely natural and instinctive. We even offer free lessons for anyone who would like to see what it feels like before any type of commitment. Click here to watch a preview of our Segway Tours in Hollywood Beach and Boca Raton.